Marie-Louise Langlais plays ‘La Cinquième trompette’ from Jean Langlais’  ‘Cinq Méditations sur l’Apocalypse’  First recording by Marie-Louise Jaquet-Langlais in 1975 at the Ste Clotilde organ under the direction of Jean Langlais. Recorded from the manuscript, before publication. Published by Bornemann (France) in 1974 mp4
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I n   2013,   I   was   approached   by   Marie-Louise   Langlais,   Jean   Langlais’   widow, asking   if   I   would   typeset   one   of   his   unpublished   manuscripts   on   Sibelius. In   the   following   years   we   have   collaborated   in   producing   several   works   of his   which   would   otherwise   have   lain   unknown   and   unpublished.   These works,   which   have   until   now   been   available   on   the   Jean   Langlais   Website are   now   also   available   here,   as   well   as   on   Mme   Langlais’   own   new   website which will be online in 2021. I   have   always   enjoyed   Langlais’   music   with   its   rich   harmonisations   and brilliance.   2021   was   the   thirtieth   anniversary   of   his   death   and   I   hope   that, as   normality   returns,   there   will   be   more   and   more   performances   of   his work, especially some of these newly available works.
Psaume LVIII
O Salutaris
Pie Jesu
Je vous salue Marie
Ave Maria
Hommage à Louis Braille
A la Vierge Marie
Jean Langlais outside his family home in  La Fontenelle, Brittany
organist, conductor, composer, arranger
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La Voix Du Vent
pdf mp3 Presently, apart from La Voix Du Vent, Dixtuor and the two Psalms, only the score pdfs are available on this site, the mp3s will come later. If you would like to record any of these works, for inclusion here, please let me know.  Contact me
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Ash Wednesday Mass
Passe-temps de l’homme
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