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Over the course of many years I have produced various compositions for various situations. They have mostly been inspired by groups I have worked with, for a particular event or need. Having lived in Norway for 32 years, many of them are in Norwegian, something which perhaps limits their use elsewhere. I have tried to produce pieces which are generally ‘mainstream’, as well as others in a more popular ‘jazzy’ style, although you won’t find any ‘Praise Band’ stuff here, that’s just a little too far from my musical roots. It’s a pleasure to produce music for a specific time, group or place which just ‘works’ but I always hope that my work will be useful in other contexts too.
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However, I am presently looking at several choral pieces, originally in Norwegian, with a view to recreating them in English. Not quite as easy as one might think, but I present some of them here. This is very much a work in progress and more pieces will appear from time to time. Feedback, whether positive or negative is always appreciated.
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I would say that it’s always nice for composers to know about performances of their work, so if you do intend to perform any of my pieces, please let me know. Quite a few of the mp3s here are digitally produced, so if you feel your choir would like to record something ‘with real people’ (as it were) I’d be very open to publishing such a performance here.
Contact me pdf mp3 pdf mp3 pdf mp3 The Intoxicated Navigator for six flutes pdf mp3 pdf mp3 An t-Eilan Muileach Trumpet and piano pdf mp3 As the holly groweth green  SATB Four part double chant  SATB Psalm 150  SATB and organ Psalm 121 SATB unaccompanied Didn’t my Lord deliver Daniel?  SATB and piano I am with you always Matthew 28, 18  SATB Psalm 23  SATB unaccompanied pdf mp3 Round the shores of green Iona  SATB and piano Six Little Pieces Beginner clarinet with jazzy piano My wedding day (Norwegian folk song) SATB pdf mp3 Oystercatcher  TTB and piano
As   you   can   see   from   this   selection,   my   music   fits   into several   genres   and   types,   reflecting   the   fact   that,   although I   have   been   a   church   musician   all   my   life,   I   have   also   felt   it important   to   work   in   local   society   in   various   ways.   These pieces reflect that and I hope they will be used by others.